A hybrid in every model

Volvo Recharge is responsible luxury for people who care. Presenting the most advanced chargeable electric cars, where every effort has been made to create the most sustainable product possible – from sourcing and manufacturing, to materials and unique features.

The cars that have always protected you, your loved ones and the people around you, now also protect your future.

Every new Volvo car launched, will be electrified.
Today, Volvo are the only traditional car maker to offer plug-in hybrid options on all models.

And over the next five years, will launch five new fully electric cars.

It is Volvo's ambition that by 2025, half of the cars we sell will be electric.

Mild Hybrids

We call them our “B” engines. 

Lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency.

No charging required. 

Plug-In Hybrids

Otherwise known as Twin Engines.

Long range. Low emissions. Pure electric driving.

The best of both worlds.

Pure Electric

Coming late 2020.

Zero-emissions driving all day, every day.

Simply charge up and go.

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Mild-Hybrid Technology

Introducing our “B” badged mild-hybrids

Otherwise known as mild-hybrid electric vehicles (MHEVs).

What is a mild-hybrid?

A traditional combustion engine supported by a small electric motor.

How are they charged?

Through energy recovered from regenerative braking. No cables needed.

Can they run solely on electric power?

No, the electric motor provides support to improve the engine’s efficiency.

No charging required.

Plug-In Hybrid Technology

Introducing our Volvo Twin Engines

Otherwise known as plug-in hybrids or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

What is a plug-in hybrid?

A traditional combustion engine combined with a battery-powered electric motor.

How are they charged?

By being plugged in, or through regenerative braking whilst on the move.

Can they run solely on electric power?

Yes. For short journeys of up to 30 miles, dependent on the model.

Recharge Plug-In Hybrid Charging Costs Less

A mile in a petrol car can cost anywhere from 12p – 21p.

Charge up your plug-in hybrid every night and you can make daily savings – particularly on short journeys like your morning commute.

ModelCost to Fully Charge*Maximum Electric Mileage Range**Cost per Electric Mile***
XC90 T8 £1.32 28.6 miles 4.6 p
XC60 T8 £1.3233.6 miles3.9 p
XC40 T5 £1.2228.6 miles4.2 p
V90 T8 £1.3235.4 miles3.7 p
V60 T8 £1.3236.7 miles3.6 p
S90 T8 £1.3235.4 miles3.7 p
S60 T8 £1.3236.0 miles3.7 p

*Based on the average cost of electricity per kWh, 14.37p. May vary depending on your electricity rate.
**Depending on, amongst other things, driving style, temperature and climate, normal range for electric mode is as above. Specification dependent.
***Rounded up to the nearest decimal.