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A fleet for every business. A car for every driver.

Introducing nine models with Volvo quality and innovation as standard. Created to effortlessly meet the diverse demands of the modern working world. The HSF Group offers a range of funding plans to help your cash flow from simple payment plans to complete package contract hire plans and a wide range of cars to fit all needs.

Capital Allowances, Rentals offset against Corporation Tax and Benefit in Kind thresholds reducing year on year, along with increasing fuel costs and VED pricing, all of this has to be taken into consideration.

Have you considered an Electric Fleet or Company Car?​

Travel powered solely by electricity, with a full battery lasting over 250 miles and producing no emissions along the way. Plus, the added benefit of 1% BIK for drivers.

As the world of fleet changes, the ability to adapt is everything. Embrace electrification and all of its benefits with Volvo Business Sales – a trusted partner by your side to help you lead the way into tomorrow.

The up-front cost of electric vehicles doesn’t tell the full story. Over their lifetime in your fleet, you can make significant savings against ICE vehicles on fuel costs, tax and much more.

Compare the cost of going electric with Volvo against a range of alternatives –

and make the best decision for your business.

  • Electrified vs ICE: Compare total cost of ownership.
  • Enter any registration number to compare your current cars.
  • Compare as a fleet manager, company car driver or private buyer.
  • Review details such as fuel expenses, emissions and tax.
Compare now using the Volvo Total Cost of Ownership Tool.

Discover our Pure Electric Range.

Find out more about the new XC40 Recharge and brand new C40 Recharge.

Business Contract Hire quotes now available. Contact us for more information.

However, if you're not ready to go fully electric right now, consider choosing one of our plug-in hybrids. They're a smart next step, giving you electric innovation and the reassurance of a combustion engine all in one.

Have you considered a Hybrid Fleet or Company Car?

The cost of a Volvo plug-in hybrid may be less than you think. For you, there's lower fuel and insurance outlay, meaning lower Whole Life Costs. For your drivers, it's reduced Benefit-in-Kind tax rates. And for the planet fewer emissions. Add the fact we offer a plug-in hybrid variant on every car in our range and the decision is a simple one.

There are clear economic benefits to choosing our plug-in hybrids. In addition to the savings shown above your drivers can also benefit from one year’s free electricity.

Our plug-in hybrids offer attractive fuel economy and in Pure mode your drivers can enjoy up to 36 miles of pure electric, emissions-free driving. For many, that would mean a fuel-free drive to work - every single day.​ 

Corporate Social Responsibility is not only important. It's good business. Our plug-in hybrids empower you and your drivers to contribute to a greener, safer planet with CO2 emissions under 50g/km across most of the lineup.

A mile in a petrol car can cost anywhere from 12p – 21p. Charge up your plug-in hybrid every night and you can make daily savings – particularly on short journeys like your morning commute.

Electrification - Find Out More

Now’s the time to benefit

With plug-in hybrid options available across our entire range, the choice of electrified Volvo models is better than ever. The UK’s charging infrastructure is expanding fast – plus the government continue to offer incentives and tax savings for going electric. But this won’t last forever, so be sure to act fast.

Reduced Class 1A NIC

Your national insurance contributions (NIC) are 13.8% of the cars taxable value. So, plug-in hybrids with lower Benefit-in-Kind percentages mean you'll pay less NIC as a business.

Low Benefit-in-Kind tax

For your drivers, the current emissions-based tax bands mean going electric makes sense. Our Volvo plug-in hybrids, for example, offer BIK as low as 10%.

100% first year allowance

Cars producing under 50g/km CO2 emissions can have their entire cost written off against your profits in the first year. Many Volvo plug-in hybrids qualify, so you can save on tax.

Workplace Charging Scheme

Claim up to £350 or 75% of the cost, per charging point you install at your workplace. The Workplace Charging Scheme covers up to 40 sockets. Perfect for fuelling business driving.

More charging points

Worried about charging on the go? There are more charging points than petrol stations in the UK. And as part of government plans, soon you'll never be more than 30 miles from one.

EV Homecharge Scheme

For drivers, charging at home is a good habit to get into. The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme offers grants to install home charging points - up to £350, or 75% of the cost of one.

Be more sustainable

Care about Corporate Social Responsibility? Plug-in hybrids are a step in the right direction, producing fewer emissions and using less fuel.

Save on fuel costs

With up to 37 miles of electric range, depending on the model, many everyday journeys will require no fuel – and cost as little as 4p per mile.

Electrify without the risk

The perfect stepping stone to full electric. Your drivers get the reassurance of a petrol engine. You get to draw on all our electrification expertise.

An in-depth business case for plug-in hybrids

If you're considering electrifying your fleet, there's never been a better time to select a Volvo plug-in hybrid. Read the Volvo Cars guide for a detailed look at how your business could benefit.

Electrifying Business - The Case for Plug-in Hybrids

How COVID-19 is transforming business & electrifying fleets

The working landscape has been dramatically reshaped by COVID-19. To help you understand what this means for your fleet, we've partnered with 360 Media Group to bring you in-depth insights on shifts towards plug-in hybrid vehicles, changes in grey fleet and more. Read the Volvo Cars report to find out more.

Electrifying Business - A New Way of Working

When you choose Volvo, you benefit from even more than our range of premium cars. We believe it’s our job to not only understand the demands of fleet and the importance of thinking for tomorrow, but also the unique needs of your business. You can rest assured that we’ll be there to support your business and fleet no matter where your journey leads you.

We offer a range of Business and Fleet vehicles from our group facility based in Tonbridge. Over 10 years ago, the group obtained the title of ‘Volvo Tier 1 Business Centre’, of which there are only 10 centres within Volvo Cars UK.

During this time, the HSF Group has expanded and established a knowledgeable and experienced Business Sales Team and Local Business Specialists at each of our retailers.

Our own demonstrator fleet and access to over 250 additional demonstrators, allows us to supply smaller, local businesses to larger corporate enterprises and blue chip companies.

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The Business & Fleet Team

Experience is a powerful thing – it can give your business the confidence to act without worry.

That’s why we have a dedicated Business Sales Team, always on-hand to provide your business with a trusted and expert service.

For all business enquiries, to receive advice on how best to fund your vehicles or for a tailored quotation please contact our Business Team.

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Group Business Sales Manager - Mark Wilson

Fleet Administration Manager - Kirsten Smith

Business Sales Consultant - Jim George


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